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2013 EFI Vutek GS3250LX [#89270] [image] $Call.
8 color, roll to roll, Production-Level LED UV Printer. Prints quality output up to 223 m2/hr and 55 1.2m x 2.4m sph.
Size: [request more information]
2013 Glunz and Jensen NewsWriter XL [#87218-AB] [image] $Call.
The NewsWriter XL has same specs as the PlateWriter 8000. The format size will be able to do 8-up plates. Comes with Zitron Navigator RIP and possibly TIFF catcher. Plate width 13.0 min. to 44.5 inch max. Plate length 17.7 min. to 42.9 inch max.
Size: 42.9X44.5 inch [request more information]



Digital Printing

2013 MGI 4-color Meteor DP8700 XL [#89343] [image] $Call.
Can print synthetic paper. Includes envelope feeder.
Size: [request more information]
2009 Agfa Anapurna Mw V1.0 [#89398] [image] $9,500
UV flatbed and roll to roll, 7 inks- CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta, and white. Up to 1.75 inch thick media and vinyl.
Size: 5x8 foot max flat sheet [request more information]



Sheetfed Presses

1989 Heidelberg 2-color SORMZ [#87889] [image] $25,000
Alcolor, twin refrigeration and recirculation tanks, Midlan IR dryer, continuous feed.
Size: 20.5x29 inch [request more information]
1995 KBA Planeta 7-color Rapida 104CX [#89412] [image] $118,500
Semi autoplate changers, Varispeed damps (Delta-Effect), perfects 1 over 6, has 2 coaters, 8 foot extended delivery.
Size: 29x41 inch [request more information]
1984 Heidelberg GTOV52 [#89546] [image] $20,500
Diamond continuous damps, powder spray, Royse IR dryer, four metal jackets. Geared for numbering. No perfector.
Size: 14x20 inch [request more information]
1989 Heidelberg 2-color MOZP [#88822] [image] $Call
With Aquatron dampening.
Size: 19x25 inch [request more information]
2004 Komori 6-color L628P+C [#89222] [image] $Call.
Semi autoplate, Komorimatic damps, perfector, anilox coater, extended delivery, KMS Komori Monitor System.
Size: 20x28 inch [request more information]
2000 Akiyama 6-color BT628+C [#88521] [image] $33,000
Coater, Akiyama damps?, Royse recirculation, IR dryer and air knives, continuous feed.
Size: 20x28 inch [request more information]
1981 Heidelberg 4-color GTOVP52 [#89256] [image] $16,500
Kompac II damps with bottles, 2 over 2 perfector, super blue.
Size: 14x20 inch [request more information]
1994 Heidelberg 8-color SM102-AP [#89406] [image] $Call.
Semi autoplate, Techkon color scanner closed loop system. Perfects 4 over 4 and 7 over 1 rebuilt in 2008.
Size: 28x40 inch [request more information]
1989 Akiyama 6-color BT628+L [#89285] [image] $16,500
Semi autoplate, Alcolor damps, CPC1.04 console, blanket coater, chilled oscillating rollers. Condition - Needs work.
Size: 20x28 inch [request more information]
1997 Heidelberg 4-color SM74-4P3-H [#89395] [image] $107,000
Alcolor damps, 2 over 2 perfector.
Size: 20x29 inch [request more information]
2000/2002 Mitsubishi 5-color 1G-5+C [#88781] [image] $117,000
Mitsubishi Delta damps, Comrac console, coater with extended delivery. Straight press, no perfector.
Size: 20x28 inch [request more information]
2001 Heidelberg 5-color SM52-5P3+L [#89433] [image] $129,000
Autoplate, Alcolor damps, Aqueous coater, CPC2000 console with scanning ink measurement, perfects 3 over 2.
Size: 14x20 inch [request more information]
1994 Heidelberg 5-color 102FP+L [#89463] [image] $91,000
Alcolor damps, 2 over 3 perfector, CPTronics, CPC1.03 console, standard delivery, Grafix IR dryer, Baldwin refrigeration and recirculation.
Size: 28x40 inch [request more information]



Web Presses

1997 Heidelberg Harris 4-unit V30 [#89764] [image] $Call.
Coldset, 2 folders JF35 with quarter fold and 2nd folder with quarter and double parallel, 4 Martin EC Plus splicers.
Size: 22.75 inch cut off [request more information]
2002 Heidelberg 8-unit M130 [#89771] [image] $Call.
Heatset, double web, remote control ink and register two webs. 2 folders with Delta Fold, double parallel and quarter, double former.
Size: 22.75 inch cut off [request more information]
DGM 430 [#88322-AB] [image] $Call
Two DGM 4-highs, two motors and drives.
Size: 22.75 inch cut off [request more information]
1995-96? Miracle 5-unit 1500 [#88526] [image] $53,000
Motorized running circumference on all units top and bottom controlled from the units. Harris JF10 folder with quarter fold and DP. Manual ink fountain keys.
Size: 22.75 inch cut off [request more information]
Harris 6-unit V15A [#89204] [image] $14,700
Running circ register from 2008 on 3 units one side, greaser, double former folder with quarter fold, 4 roll stands.
Size: 22.75 inch cutoff, 35 inch wide [request more information]



Post Press Equipment

1988? Sakurai SC112A [#88138-AB] [image] Reduced! Now $25,500
Screen print system with suction pile feeder, two lamp SPE UV curing system with air conditioner, and more. Video at
Size: 44 inch wide [request more information]
1981 Polar 115EMC [#88647] [image] $Call
Cutter with air on main table only, two extended metal side tables, left and right.
Size: 45 inch [request more information]
2005-2006 MBO B30? Automatik [#89706] [image] $Call.
Fully automatic, Vaculift pallet feeder, 6/4/4, two right angles, presser stacker.
Size: [request more information]
1990 Moll Marathon [#88463] [image] $13,500
Pocket folder gluer, Dial-a-Feed suction air pile feeder, Final-Fold, delivery conveyor, Valco cold glue pressure system.
Size: [request more information]
Horizon VAC-100 [#88266] [image] $Call
Three air suction collator towers (two 2001 VAC-100m towers and one 2008 VAC-100a tower), 2008 SPF-20 Stitcher & Folder, 2008 FC-20 Fore-Edge Trimmer, 2002 ST-60 stacker.
Size: [request more information]
2004 Horizon VAC-100 [#89147] [image] $8,000
10 bin collator tower, SPF-20 Stitcher and Folder, stacker.
Size: [request more information]
2005 Muller Bravo T [#89705] [image] $61,500
6 pockets with Optiscan Signature Recognition, 4th and 5th knives, cover feeder, delivers to conveyor.
Size: [request more information]
2001 GBC Explorer 107 [#89746] [image] $17,000
2-sided laminator, preheaters, cooling fans, integrated GBC digital feeder, and GBC digital trimmer.
Size: 42 inch wide [request more information]
1973 Johannisberg 104S [#89666] [image] $11,000
2 chases, feeder and delivery same side, double loader. No inker.
Size: 28x41 inch [request more information]
1989 Muller Starbinder [#86652] [image] $Call.
18 model 272 feeder pockets, 2 hand feed sections, 20 clamp, AmbaFlex cooling tower(2009), Merit S trimmer.
Size: [request more information]
Heidelberg S [#87225] [image] $9,500
Cylinder diecutter with inker, 2 chases, and furniture for setting up die. Video available.
Size: 21.25x28 inch [request more information]
2006 Rollem TR42 [#88726] [image] $27,500
Double shaft die scoring system with right angle and skip perforation.
Size: 42 inch width [request more information]
1997 Albo System PT-1000AP [#88216] [image] $Offers considered.
Skid turner, above ground type. 55 inch max pile height. Has aeration. NEEDS electrical work - offers considered.
Size: 42x30 max paper size [request more information]
2006 Stahl PFH-66 [#88734] [image] $35,000
Folder with pallet feeder, 4 buckle plates and 2 cross fold knife units, and 2006 VSA-66 stacker delivery.
Size: 26 inch [request more information]
2001 MBO B26-C [#89401] [image] $Call.
4/4/4 folder.
Size: 26x40 inch [request more information]
2011 Stahl TI-36 [#89513] [image] $Call.
6/6, mini fold, small piece stacker-(older). Also has a conveyor delivery. Waiting on photos to come!
Size: [request more information]
1978 Heidelberg SBD [#86043] [image] $34,700
Diecutter with three covers with micro switch safeties, one on bed and two in back at delivery.
Size: 25.25x35 inch [request more information]
2008 Sakurai SC102A2 [#89519] [image] $Call.
Olec IR dryer and 2 lamp UV dryer with AC cooling. Olec DS descending pile stacker.
Size: 28x40 inch [request more information]
Moll Pocket Folder [#89533] [image] $12,000
Hand feed, Final-Fold, Dial-a-Stack 24x48 conveyor, cold glue system.
Size: [request more information]
2005 James Burn Lhermite EX380 [#89579] [image] $Call.
With conveyor and Martin Yale model 400 jogger, transformer.
Size: [request more information]
2002 Gergek DigiKut GS 1150 [#89592] [image] $Call.
Air on main, air on two sides.
Size: 45 inch [request more information]



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