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When a manufacturer is scheduled to deliver new equipment on Friday,
but it is Monday and the old machine is not yet sold,
time sensitive opportunity is created.
Graphtek hears about a lot of time sensitive opportunities.
We have created this page to get you information about them fast.
These opportunities create great values for buyers ready to move.

Check here often. Graphtek we may change these listings daily.


Graphtek Services, Inc.
300 Cedar Blvd., Suite B2
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 (USA)
1-412-341-2724 Tel.
1-412-341-2723 Fax
Skype: A1Becker and JohnWargo3

Digital, Offset Sheetfed, Web,
and CTP Equipment for Sale.

If you need more information regarding any of
these machines, contact us by phone or email!


83348 2006 HP Indigo 5000 7-color,
16 Mio. imprs., One year old Donaldson chiller.
In production. $29,000

87927 2014 HP Indigo 7800 13x19
6 authorized colors, one can be white. 18 pt. max.
Running now. $Contact us.


Are you looking to print canvas, plastic, thick stock,
or magnetic material? This machine is for you.

86327 2011 MGI Meteor DP60 13x30, 1.3 Mio. clicks,
Digital press with auto DP60 Pro Feeding System
for envelopes. Will print 9x12 envelopes.
In production. $36,000, Make us an offer.

86747 2015 MGI Meteor DP8700 XL+ 4-color, 13x25.5,
Less than 1 Mio. imprs., Multi-Substrate Digital Press for
paper, plastics & envelopes from 45 lb. text to 18 pt. board.
In production. $Contact us.



87873 2013 EFI Vutek GS3250LX PRO
UV super wide format printer with
LED "cool cure" technology.
Roll to roll and handles rigid and
sheeted media up to 126.5 inches,
(3.2 m) wide and up to 2 inches (5.08 cm) thick.
Eight colors CMYK + light cyan, light magenta,
light yellow,light black and white.
Produces 2,400 ft2/hr (223 m²/hr) in fast mode and
1,200 ft²/hr (111 m²/hr) in eight-color plus white mode.
With Fiery Q server and two auxiliary roll up tables.
Currently in production, under service,
can be demonstrated.
You can see the printer in action at
$All offers considered!


87874 2008 EFI Vutek QS3200
UV Super Wide Format Printer.
Roll to roll and handles rigid and sheeted media up
to 126.5 inches, (3.2 m) wide and up to
2 inches (5.08 cm) thick.
Output at 900 sq. ft./hour (84 sqm/hour).
Six-color plus white printing for outstanding clarity.
2 auxiliary roll up tables.
$Looking for offers.

87791 2016 Epson 6200 60".

87698 Epson Stylus Photo R2000 11.75x31.0
Printer software PRINTWorx™ Powered by Flexi.
Operating Systems Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), and
Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit),
4GB RAM minimum. $Contact us.

87697 Epson Stylus Pro 7880 23x29
Print software PRINTWorx™ Powered by Flexi.
Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit),
Vista (32-bit, 64-bit). $Contact us.

87850 2010 Roland LEC-300A 30",
VersaUV Print & Cut.
Has had new heads replaced within last year.
Currently running & print tested daily. $17,000

87851 2011 Roland LEJ-640 64",
VersaUV Print & Cut.
Has had new heads replaced within last year.
Currently running. $31,000


87793 AnaJet MP10 Direct-to-Garment printer.

87806 2013 Canon imagePRESS C6010
4 color, 13x19, 500,000 imprs.,
with Image press server A1200 with
Fiery software (Command workstation),
Flatbed scanner.
In light production. $6,000

87789 Xerox iGEN3 - along with a Bourg BFDx.
Xerox counts are:
\Color 9,545,547, Black 4,948,535.
$Contact us.

87544 2010 Xante Ilumina 500
Digital envelope press, 110v.
With pile feeder, and delivery conveyor.
$All offers considered.


87931 1988 Heid 102SP+L 6 color, 28x40
110 Mio. imprs., CPC console,
CPTronics, tower coater.
Under power. $Looking for offers.

87620 2002 Halm EnvelopeMaster 4 color,
Est. 50 Mio. imprs. UV press currently running
conventional ink, hybrid rollers, R&R,
touch screen controls include registration, UV dryers.
In production. $77,000

82097 1986 Heid 102SP 6-color, 28x40,
118 Mio. imprs., Post Drupa, Alcolor, IR dryer,
CPC1.02 console, perfects between 2&3,
Royse refrigeration. Video available.
Can be seen running. $49,500
Located in Central America.

87772 1976 Heid 102ZP 2 color, 28x40,
Conventional damps, perfector.
See video at
Under power. $18,000

85791 1985 Heid MOZP-S 2 color, 19x25,
61 Mio. imprs., Alcolor, Royse refrigeration,
powder spray. Under power. $18,000

87799 1995 Heid SM74-2+L 2 color, 20x29,
150 Mio. imprs., with standard coater, IR dryer.

87889 1989 Heid SORMZ 2 color, 20.5x29.
30 Mio. imprs., Alcolor, twin R&R tanks,
Midlan IR dryer, continuous feed with swords.
Under power. $Contact us.

87838 1988 Heid SORMZ 2 color, 20.5x29, Low imprs.
Alcolor, Royse chiller, super blues,
Royse IR dryer with 4 bulbs in delivery. New rollers.
In production. $Contact us.

87754 Komori S126 1 color, 26"
Komori damps, R&R. $Make offer.

85411 1973 Miehle 40TC 2 color, 28x40
Series 329, Miehlematics, Oxy Dry powder spray,
Baldwin R&R, high pile delivery,
continuous feed & delivery. $9,000

87381 2001 Ryobi 3304H 4-color, 13x18,
With console, recirculation tank,
Midlan IR dryer. $Contact us.

87854 1997 Ryobi 582H 2 color, 17.72x22,
83 17 Mio. imprs., Ryobimatics,
spray plus IR dryer, stream feed,
and plate punch. $Contact us.

87621 1998 Sakurai 272EPII 2 color, 20x28,
Est. 27 Mio. imprs.,
Autoplate, push button perfector, fast changeover,
Pierry IR dryer. All new rollers in first unit.
Under power. $19,200

83323 1988 Shinohara 66IVPK 4-color, 19x26,
74 Mio. imprs., Shinohara damps,
Baldwin Econo-Mite R&R, console for ink & register,
2/2 perfector. In production, can demo. $Contact us.

86156 2000 Solna 425 Plus 4-color, 19x25,
8.7 Mio. imprs., AccuFlow continuous damps, Accel R&R,
Tempest hot air drying system,
Versa III auto lubrication.
Under power. $20,000


87572 1989? Didde 860 4-unit, 22” repeat, 20.25” width,
Roll to sheet, 50” unwind, perf unit, line holes,
2013 web guide. Under power. $Contact us.

87135 1988 Goss Community SSC 12 unit, 21.5 cut off,
two 4 high SSC towers(1997?), running circ & side lay,
two UOP one side 3-color units and 2 mono units,

85863 Goss Suburban 2 unit, 22.75 cut off,
1500 Series, Conventional damps, compensators and
running circ one side at units,
folder with quarter fold & DP. $Contact us.

87924 Goss Urbanite 9 unit, 22.75x36
The press consists of
8- 1400 series Urbanite units,
1- 1200 series unit,
1- U1447 folder, and
2- three high Jardis flying pasters.
$Contact us.

87700 1989 Hamilton Stevens forms press
6 color, 32" wide, variable cut off with
sizes 36", 33", 28.75" & 25",
roll to roll, Butler splicer, Perretta remote inking,
Comquip flood coating unit.
In production. $Contact us.

87894 1982 Harris M1000 5 unit, 22.75 cut off,
Heatset, single web. $Contact us.

87893 Harris M1000A 6 unit, 23.5 cut off,
Heatset, single web, TC3 combi folder,
harmonic drive gear side, manual ink, auto register,
WPC cut off controls.
Under power, could print test. $Contact us.

82898 1970 News King 2 unit, 22.75x36
Two inline units with two roll stands, two compensators,
conventional damps, control circ register for 1 side from unit.
Under power, no paper, no inks. $9,500

87671 1985 News King 4 unit, 22.75 cut off,
with KJ8 folder, 4 roll stands with crane, Enkel splicer,
extra former board (book former with pull roller),
and plate bender. $32,000

87099 1986 Web Leader Atlas 4 unit, 21.5x35
Three mono units and a quad unit, folder and hoist.
Under power, can be demo'd. $5,000


87672 Baldwin Count-o-veyor stacker.

87815 1996 Didde RC700 17x17-3/8
6 station roll collator, 5 carbon interleaf stations,
numbering unit, Didde batcher stacker,
Quantum/Air Print glue system.
$Contact us.

86612 2005? Gregg 60" wide, any length,
Unwind - pressure sensitive film, rewind for release liner,
hand feed, hand cut. $Contact us.

86662 WPC 9500
Microtrak cut off controls for two webs,
2 controllers with touch pads, 2 scanner eyes,
2 scanner junction boxes. $8,000


87763 1986 FL Smithe RAWA800 Combination 1
Web fed envelope converting machine with printer,
panel cutter and patching attachment for envelope window.
Flexo printer 2-out & 1-in. Video available.
In production, can be demo'd.
$Contact us.

87762 1988 FL Smithe RAWA800 Combination 6
Web fed envelope converting machine
with high speed bander.
(No printer, no panel for envelope).
In production, can be demo'd.
$Contact us.

CTP Computer-to-Plate

86872 AB Dick DPM 34SC. $4,000

87106 1998 Creo Trendsetter 3244
Estimated laser hours approx 4200.
Under power. $9,350

87836 ECRM TigerCat 4
Max size 18.1x20.6" (460 x 525 mm),
1270 dpi 18 plates/hour. 2540 dpi 16 plates/hour.
Plate sizes 0.006" (0.15mm).
Min. 11" x 11" (279 x 279 mm).
$Contact us.

87923 2002 Fuji Luxel Vx-9600 CTP
8-up, auto cassette loader, 5 cassettes, and a bridge,
2007 Glunz & Jensen 125HDX processor, and stacker.
In production. $Contact us.

87218 2013 Glunz & Jensen NewsWriter XL
42.9x44.5" The NewsWriter XL has same specs as
the PlateWriter 8000. The format size will be able to
do 8-up plates. Comes with Zitron Navigator RIP
and possibly TIFF catcher.
In production. $Contact us.


87693 Heid manual plate bender only.
No punch. From Heid SM102 offset press.
$Contact us.

Graphtek Services, Inc.
300 Cedar Blvd., Suite B2
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 (USA)
1-412-341-2724 Tel.
1-412-341-2723 Fax
Skype: A1Becker and JohnWargo3


Graphtek Services, Inc.
300 Cedar Blvd., Suite B2
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 (USA)
1-412-341-2724 Tel.
1-412-341-2723 Fax
Skype: A1Becker and JohnWargo3

Equipment for Sale.

If you need more information regarding any of
these machines, contact us by phone or email!


85249 1978 Bobst SP1120ER 31.5x44
Blanker, Autoplaten, 2 cutting chases,
4 cutting plates, 5 interchangeable frames for
upper & lower stripping.
Video link at
Under power. $52,500

86645 2015 Brausse 1060ER 42"
Blanker with side guide registers.
Platen equipped with chase changer.
Lower chase micrometer adjustment.

87764 1950s Heid KS 15x20.5
Cylinder diecutter. $4,000

87225 Heid S 21.25x28
Cylinder diecutter. $Call.

87757 Kluge. $Call.

87368 2005 PMC 225CP Hi-Die diecutter
With powered belt delivery. Does up to 9x9 dies.
Can demo. $18,000

85566 1984 PMC BF 94 Hi-Die diecutter 6x6.

82492 1987 Bobst SP126-BMA 36x49
58.7k hours. Foilmaster Autoplaten press.
Speed up to 5000 sph. $122,500

86669 Heid Windmill 10x15?
with foil unit. $3,250


87599 2008 Bourg BST10 Bookletmaker System,
2 tower 20 bin collating feeders with UTTS accumulator.
Stitcher, folder, book press, trimmer. $4,750

87586 Bourg AE10 10 stations,
Stitcher Folder, TR trimmer. $Call.

87220 Muller 1201 Collator
9 model 1201 L12 pockets, model 894 side stitcher,
2 side stitching heads. Delivers to fixed table.
$21,000 Video at

87612 2001 Tec-Graf S59/65 30 station collator,
(connected to an overwrap machine that
goes into a stacker & sold separately).
Used for index tabs. $65,000

86634 1997 Tec-Graf S59/65 30 pocket collator,
can collate sheets, tabs & covers, criss cross stacker.
$Contact us.

87592 Dorn SPE with 12x14 inch max sheet feeder,
static eliminator. $Call.

87421 2007? Duplo Ultra 200A 20x28 max
UV Document Coater with 3 coating rollers,
hand feed, delivery tray. Single phase.

87526 Epic CT-660A 13x19 max sheet
Off line UV coater, can do flood or spot coating,
anilox coat roller, can use Cyril plates.
Has Autofeed, receding pile delivery.
Can demo. $Call.

75358 Harris 43x60 with
Dahlgren blanket coater assembly H60C (1996),
Amjo IR/UV drying system, 3 lamp UV curing section.
Can be seen running. $28,000

87692 Duplo DC-445 creaser.

87753 Challenge 305 30.5"
with Microcut Jr. $7,000

87631 Challenge Champion 305MC 30.5".

87501 1998 Polar 115ED 45"
Cutter with Transomat unloader TR130ER,
LW-1000 lift, air removal jogger RA4, and scale.
Under power. $Call.
Video at

87445 1991 Polar 137EMC-MON 54"
with Autotrim. $17,000

87577 1981 Polar 155EMC 61"
with Microcut. $Call.

87565 1967 Polar 82EL 32"
with periscope. $Call.

85110 1997 Prism 115 QZK-1150-J 45"
With one large side table, one small side table,
IR safety beams, factory program.
Video available. $Call.

87689 Wohlenberg Type 137 54"
Jogger, cutter and off loader. $Call.

86857 Challenge EH3A 3 hole drill.

80269 1995 Challenge MS-5 5 hole drill,
with 3 drill heads. $3,250
80 hours on machine.

87294 2000? Longford feeder pockets,
has 2 for sale;
model C700W12-3085M and
model C350W8-308TNSM.
Inline tipping can be used on folder.

86631 2000? GBR/MB Bauerle Multimaster CAS52
20x28?, Miniature folder, 4/4, pile feed,
computer controlled plate setting in both
parallel and right angle sections with belt delivery
and vertical stacker delivery.
Under power. $Call.

87606 MBO B26-C 26x40, continuous feed,
2 right angles. $Call.

87779 MBO B32 32", 6 plate,
2 right angles, and MBO SBAP 82/ME stacker.
Under power. $Call.

87412 1998 Stahl B20 20" with right angle unit.

87686 Stahl RD-78 30", with
2 right angles, and 2 gatefold attachments.

82980 1991 Stahl TFU78/B30 30",
Tremat pile feed, stream delivery,
2 right angle attachments,
delivery tray, score wheels.
$Need offer!

87691 Stahl 28"
with 2 right angles. $Call.

87690 Stahl 30", map folder with
6 plates on first unit, 2 right angles.

86967 Axco/Nordson PUR Hot Melt System
with rebuilt Axco drum unloader, glue nozzle,
Nordson controller, 2012 Nordson Problue,
standard hot melt system
Can demo. $Call.

87613 Hickok double round cornering machine.

87527 2014 Kirk Rudy NetJet Inline Inkjet Base
with vacuum table top, 36 inch integrated dryer section,
and one print head.
Can be connected for testing. $Call.

87529 2013 Kirk Rudy NetJet
Inline Inkjet system JetEngine by Inkjet,
2 heads with 3 cartridges each.
8 ft. delivery conveyor, dryer. $29,500

87502 2012 & 2015 Leibinger Jet2 NEO
Industrial inkjet printers.
Good for all kinds of non-contact marking
and coding. Two are in production.
Has 3 for sale. $8,000 each.

87751 2006? Kirk Rudy 881-3 dryer only.

87217 2001 Buhrs BB300 12 station inserter.
11 rotary feeders and 1 shuttle feeder, envelope feeder.
13,828 elapsed hours on machine.
Operational. $37,500

87164 Kansa Inserter, inserts 8 into 1.

87766 Polar RAB5 Jogger.
3 phase, 22v, 6.6 amp.

85682 1989 Billhofer FK-76 29" wide.
1-sided wet laminator with Mabeg feeder & snap cutter.
Use film with or without glue.
Under power. $Call.

85683 2000 GBC Genesis 30x40
1-sided thermal laminator with
Mabeg feeder and snap cutter.
Under power. $Call.

87652 2002 Stanbuilt laminator, 4x8 ft. sheet,
Low heat litho and plastic laminating press with
180 degree oven, uses with edger/taper and MDF board.

87619 Rollem TR 36" wide with right angle unit
and skip perf, auto feed, delivery tray.

87781 1990s Bourg BB361
Has never been used. $5,750

86385 2011 Heid Eurobind 600
Heavy duty unit and grinder, single clamp hand feed,
vacuum cover feeder, side and hinge scoring (No PUR).
Very low hours.
Under power and ready to test and go. $Call.

84319 2001 Muller NB 3001/2-SC
21 model 256S shuttle feeders pockets,
20 clamp, OPTI Signature Control,
PUR glue pot, Nordson BM PUR drum unloader,
Alpine 3671 3KT and stacker.
Under power. $Call.

87765 1978 Muller Pony 3020
5 clamps, 15 model 201/1201 collating pockets,
hand feed station, pre-melter, delivery conveyor, waste
removal with small bag house.

87597 1990 Muller Pony 3020
5 clamps, 18 model 201 gathering stations,
cover feeder, waste extraction,
Inatec PUR glue application system.
Located in Europe. $Call.

87775 1990 Wohlenberg WB320
15 clamp, hand feed, glue pots, side glue rollers,
exit conveyor and right turn. No pockets.

87169 2002 Streamfeeder/Acson
model Quickwrap H-50 Type REH
9x12.5 inch Polybagger with Quickwrap collator base,
5 Streamfeeder 755 Universal Friction Feeders,
4 on base, 1 extra. Batch capable.
Under power. $Call.

83077 2005 or 2006 GBC AP2 Ultra Punch.
Has 2 for sale, $7,000 each.

87768 GBC Quantum P70iX
with 2 die heads.
Has never been used. $Call.

87616 Portland punch machine. $Call.

86860 Rhin-O-Tuff HD 7000 Punch,
up to 14 inch wide, Wire-O die, spread and crimp,
small Wire-O bookmaker, and closer.

87444 1997 Shanklin A26A Auto L-sealer,
1993 Shanklin T6XL tunnel.
Waste film rewind, 6 ft. lugged infeed.
Under power. $Call.

80236 1993? Texwrap 2217C Auto L-bar sealer,
closing conveyor, infeed, hot knife.
Under power. $8,000

87774 Fenimore BookletBinder Plus
8? pocket saddle stitcher, 2 head wire stitcher.

87680 Heid Omnibinder 16 pockets
with flat sheet collator, stitcher & folder.

87088 2003 Heid ST270
6 model TAS270 feeder pockets,
2 model TAL270 feeder pockets,
1 model UFA270 cover feeder pocket,
all with Optigraf quality control system
for signature recognition.
Video link

84198 1995 Muller 335
25,905 hours,
8 model 306 pockets, 5 bases,
model 251 trimmer,
model 1529 cover feeder,
2003 Rima stacker model RS10.

87553 Late 1980s Muller Minuteman
6 pockets, no cover feeder. Rebuilt around 2000.

87769 1996 Muller Minuteman 1509
6 pockets, hand feed station, cover feeder, trimmer,
delivery conveyor, waste blower system.

87528 1996 Muller Presto - Less than 7,000 hours!
6 model 1551 pockets, model 1550 stitcher,
model 1528 cover feeder,
model 1522 trimmer, hand feed.
Video link

82071 Rosback 202T 6 pockets,
stitcher, trimmer, collator, 2 head stitcher.

87665 Rosback semi auto stitcher.

87687 Stahl 6 pockets, cover feeder,
4 stitch heads, 3KT, 5 cut knives.

87750 Muller 1529 cover feeder with base.

87609 Early 1990s Scott 10000 tabber.

87767 Challenge Champion A 3KT's.
Max book size 12x12”.
Has 2 for sale. $4,000 each.
Or both for $6,000.

87550 2000 Horizon HT70
700,000 books.
3KT, hand fed, 3 separate cutting knives,
delivery conveyor.
Includes stack lifter cooling conveyor Model SL-40.

87771 1987 Lawson D Rapid Auto 3KT,
with conveyor. Can be run inline.
All new hydraulics. Rebuild 3 years ago.

86005 1987-88 Muller 3670 3KT.

85162 1977 Wohlenberg 44FO Rapid 3KT,
hand feed front and deliver to rear.
Rebuilt by Amatco. $7,500

87614 Micromec STK 200 Overwrap machine,
with stacker.

87532 Predator SS Simplified Stretch Pallet wrapper.


87617 Clamp truck. $Call.

87688 Soft fold attachment unit
for folder or stitcher. $Call.

Graphtek Services, Inc.
300 Cedar Blvd., Suite B2
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 (USA)
1-412-341-2724 Tel.
1-412-341-2723 Fax
Skype: A1Becker and JohnWargo3



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